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List of Accepted Papers (updated in no particular order)

282216; Effectiveness of Antibiotic Stewardship Programmes in Primary Health Care Settings in Developing Countries; Brinkmann Irene, Kibuule Dan; University of Namibia, School of Pharmacy (Namibia)

282546; Right to Response and its Relevance as a Legal Right in Indian Democratic System; Rajendran Raghuraj, Dixit Rinky; Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (India)

282856; Role of Women in Economy of Bangladesh: Policy Lessons; Nawaz Faraha; University of Rajshahi (Bangladesh)

283534; Thailand's Sufficiency Thinking: Leadership from the Top in Promoting Sustainable Development; Avery Gayle, Macquarie University (Australia), Institute for Sustainable Leadership (Australia), Bergsteiner Harald ; Macquarie University (Australia)

283619; Applying the View of the Communist Party of Vietnam to the Current Practice of Job Creation in Da Nang Today; Duc Tho Le; Da Nang Vocational Training College (Vietnam), Van Son Nguyen(2); L'Institut de Chimie des Produits Naturels de l'Académie des Sciences du Vietnam  (INPC)

284114; Honourable Merchants as a Role Model for Responsible Leadership. History and Perspectives; Schwalbach Joachim; Humboldt-University Berlin (Germany)

284104; Public and Political Leadership Addressing Wicked Problems; Callahan Richard; Editor in Chief, International Journal of Public Leadership (United Kingdom), University of San Francisco (United States)

284587; Information and Communication Technology as a Contingent Factor in Three Selected Asean Countries in Remittances and Growth Nexus a Panel Study: 2000-17; Tiru Jayaraman; University of Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kampar Campus, Malaysia (Malaysia)

284451; Public Policy and Changing Access to the Commons; Narain Vishal; Management Development Institute (India)

284863; Can Chinese Aid Win the Hearts and Minds of Africa's Local Population?; Xu Zhicheng ; Henan University (China)

285574; The Public Good and Bureaucratic Leadership; Patapan Haig; Centre for Governance and Public Policy (Australia)

286148; Entrepreneurial Performance in a Developing Economy: Evidence from China; Eesley Charles; Stanford University (United States)

286458; Insiders, Outsiders and Performance of Vietnamese Firms; Beason Richard; University of Alberta School of Business (Canada), Tu Tran Thi Thanh, Dao Dong; University of Economics and Business, Vietnam National University (Vietnam)

286451; Law Enforcement and Technology: Balancing Public Safety and Privacy; Chavis Kami; Wake Forest University (United States)

286417; Spectrum Pricing in India; Sultana Rasheda; Indiana University (United States)

286383; Reducing Child Mortality and Malnutrition: Cross-Country Evidence on the Role of Growth and Social Indicators.; Agrawal Gaurav; Government of India (India)

286600; Black Currency of Middle Ages and Case for The Complementary and Second Currency; Kokabian Pezhwak; Claremont Graduate University (United States)

286495; Income Inequality in China; Zhang Junsen ; Chinese Universy of Hong Kong (Hong Kong SAR China)

286641; Unorthodox Leadership in a Public Office and its Effect: Comedian as a Mayor of Reykjavik Iceland; Gudmundsdottir Arelia, Gudmundsdottir Svala ; University of Iceland (Iceland)

286684; Leadership and Policy Designs: A Study in Madhya Pradesh, India (1993-2003); Kumar Girish; Indian Institute of Public Administration (India)

286654; Applying the Capability Approach in Policies of Receiving Returning International Graduates; Pham Lien; University of Technology Sydney (Australia)

286796; In Search of Balance: the Dynamics Between Vertical and Shared Leadership and their Joint Outcomes; Lagowska Urszula, Sobal Filipe; Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration [Rio de Janeiro] (Brazil)

286934; The World Today: From Globalisation to Deglobalisation; Imiete Onyighi Akebin; Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (Nigeria)

286910; Coproduction of Public Leadership: the Engagement of Mayors with Citizens, Managers and Politicians in Local Governance; Giacomini Davide; University of Brescia (Italy)

286822; Health policy in Odisha; Barik Radhakanta; Institute of Human Development (India)

287175; Mental Disorders, Everyday Life and Brazilian Primary Health Care; Mesquita Soares De Araujo Bruno; Universitat Hamburg (Germany)

287114; From Local to Global: Leading Innovation in Vietnam and the Asia Region; Jensen Karina; NEOMA Business School (France)

287103; Acknowledging Agency among Stakeholders and Citizens: Reframing Leadership for Civil Society; Ghadimi Adela, Brower Ralph ; Florida State University (United States)

287091; Municipal Agricultural Support in the Philippines: Does Performance Correspond to Rural Clientele Share?; Lapitan Aileen , Rejesus Roderick (2); University of the Philippines Los Banos (Philippines), 2 - North Carolina State University [Raleigh] (United States)

287074; Online Disinformation in Political Communication: European Response; Valtenbergs Visvaldis , Delacorda Simon (2); University of Latvia (Latvia), 2 - Institute for Electronic Participation (Slovenia)

286996; Challenges of Aid Management in Myanmar; Tint Lay Lay ; University of New South Wales [Canberra Campus] (Australia)

287247; Empowerment of Indigenous Women: The Management of Sustainable Productive Organizations and the Fight Against Multidimensional Poverty and Social Exclusion; Medel-Ramirez Carlos  , Medel-Lopez Hilario (2); Instituto de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores Economicos y Sociales / Universidad Veracruzana (Mexico), 2 - Universidad Veracruzana (Mexico)

287226; Education for Women and Girls: from Cultural Rights; Hoa Mai Nguyen; Academy of Politics Region I (Vietnam)

287307; Stories about Middle Kingdom: Perception of China in the Visegrad region and Its Implications for the Security Policy; Simalcik Matej; Central European Institute of Asian Studies (Slovakia)

287297; Leadership in the Current Social Context - Perception and Study Approach; Nguyen Van Kieu; Academy of Politics Region I (Vietnam)

287296; Discussion About Study Objects and Tasks of Leadership Studies; Levan Thai ; Academy of Politics Region I (Vietnam)

287294; "You're a Good Leader, but I Don't Want You in My Team'' Gender Bias in Business School; Nguyen Mai; Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)

287334; The Roles of Stakeholders in The Public Policy Making Process; Bui Ngoc Hien ; Ho Chi Minh City Cadre Academy (Vietnam)

287529; Current Employment Policies in Vietnam; Quynh Tran ; Ho Chi Minh National Political Academy - Region II Political Academy (Vietnam)

287585; Design Classroom Sessions that Involve Students - A Case Study of Indian B-School; Kumar Ajit; Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneshwar (India)

287584; A Review of the Administrative Arrangements for Strengthening Gram Sabhas; Rajendran Raghuraj Petroleum and Natural Gas and Steel, Ministry of Steel (India), Private Secretary to Minister (India), Rai Shailendra; Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (India)

287600; Dinosaur Judges: Conservative Experts in a Changing Society; Chung Kim-Sau; Department of Economics (Hong Kong SAR China), Xu Yujing; University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong SAR China)

287630; The Assessment of Different Styles of Control and Evaluation of Organization, Ministries, and Public Systems with Control on Individual and Private Merits on Them; Nejatbakhshe Esfahani Ali; Payame Noor University (Iran)

287629; Forgiveness and Reconciliation as an Organizational Leadership Competency; Campbell Andrew; International Peace and Leadership Institute (United States)

287628; Transformation: Leading Peace through Self, Others, and the Community; Campbell Andrew; International Peace and Leadership Institute (United States)

287626; The Role of Supervisor and Peer Support in Training Transfer after One Year of Completing Leadership Training: Study in Institutions of Higher Education; Yaghi Abdulfattah; United Arab Emirates University (United Arab Emirates)

287624; The Upsurge of Sea Robbery and Its Implications on Coastal Trading: Lesson from Niger Delta Region of Nigeria; Toakodi Adongoi; Ogbia Rural Development Authority (Nigeria)

287623; The Entertainment Leader in Mexico: A Strategic Alliance; José G. Vargas-Hernández; Universdity Center for Economic and Managerial Sciences, University of Guadalajara (Mexico), Paula Malinali De La Cruz Cómer; Universidad de Guadalajara (Mexico)

287698; Franchising in Electricity Distribution Business: Analysis of its Contribution to Society; Das Mrigakshi; Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar (India)

287693; Policy-Making towards Renewable Energy Development in Vietnam; Tran Tuan Hinh; Academy of Politics Region II (Vietnam)

287823; An Empirical Study on the Effect of Training Activities and Transfer Practices; Park Sung Min; Sungkyunkwan University, Graduate School of Governance/Department of Public Administration, Seoul, Korea (South Korea)

287809; Big Data: Opportunities and Challenges in Public Policy; Nguyen Tuan ; Academy of Politics region II (Vietnam)

287807; Policy on Training Labor Resources in the Context of Knowledge Economic Development in Vietnam; Luong Lanh; Academy of Politics region II (Vietnam)

287797; Multi-Dimensional Poverty Reduction Policy in Vietnam at the Present Time; Pham Bac ; Academy of politics region II (Vietnam)

287879; Training in Soft Skills for Police Personnel in Kashmir Zone, India; Singla Pamela ; Department of Social Work, University of Delhi (India)

287973; Sharing the Air: Transient Impacts of Ride-Hailing Introduction on Pollution in China.; Barnes Stuart,; King's College London (United Kingdom), Guo Yue , Borgo Rita; Hohai University (China)

288177; Policy-Making Bases Toward Sustainable Urban Development in the Context of International Integration in Vietnam; Nguyen Mai; Academy of Politics Region II (Vietnam)

288278; India's National Health Policy 2017 and Universal Health Coverage a Critical Review; Basu Rumki; Jamia Milia Islamia University (India)

288310; Developing Cultural Policies in Vietnam at Present; Nguyen Hang , Vu Hau (2); Academy of Politics Region II (Vietnam), 2 - Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics (Vietnam)

289051; Restructuring Public Investment in Vietnam: Current Situation and the Way Forward; Nguyen Tan Vinh , Nguyen Tuan , Tran Tuan Hinh ; Academy of Politics Region II (Vietnam)

289572; The Roles of the Citizen in Public Policy Making in Vietnam; Nguyen Anh ; Academy of Politics Region II (Vietnam)

289457; Finishing The Public-Private Partnership in Viet Nam; Nguyen Dinh Thai, Tran Phi; Academy of politics region II (Vietnam)

289701; Solutions to Improve Postgraduate Training Policies in Vietnam in the Current Period; Gam Huynh Thi; Academy of Politics region II (Vietnam)

289737; Multidimensional Poverty Reduction in the Rural Area of Vietnam: Evidence and Policy Implications; Sen Tran Thi; Academy of Politics Region II, Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics (Vietnam)

289734; Social Security Policy for Workers - Situation and Solutions (Case Study of Industrial Zones in Ho Chi Minh City); Tran Van ; Academy of Politics Region II (Vietnam)

289908; Artificial Intelligence: A Destructive and Yet Creative Force in the Skilled Labour Market; Zhan Su  (2), Togay Guillaume (2), Cote Anne-Marie (2); Laval University (Canada), 2 - Laval University (Canada) (3) - Laval University (Canada)

289996; The Implementation of Socialization Policy on Education in Vietnam; Nguyen Lien; Academy of Politics region II (Vietnam)

290153; Role of Businesses in Public Policy Planning in Vietnam Today; Phuong Nguyen Hoang; Academy of Politics region II (Vietnam)

291136; Improving Public Investment Efficiency in Vietnam; Quy Vu; Academy of Politics region II (Vietnam)

291062; New trends shaping the education policies planning; Tran Ninh , Hai Do (2); Academy of Politics region II (Vietnam), 2 - National Academy of Educational Management, Ministry of Education and Training (Vietnam)

292116; State-Owned Enterprise Reform in Vietnam in the Context of International Integration: Current Situation and Solutions; Pham Minh Tuan ; Academy of Politics region II (Vietnam)

292400; Public Private Partnerships Adoption: Role of Performance Gap and Public Managers' Aspiration Levels; Tran Phuong Tra, Kozan Asli; IPAG Business School (France), Porcher Simon; IAE Paris (France)

293642; Leadership Ethics in Emerging Economy Contexts - A Research Agenda; Dao Li; Aaborg University (Denmark)

295243; Alliances in Management Education Industry versus Porter's Five Forces Model; Nguyen Tra; Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers [CNAM] (France)

295244; Policies on Support of General Education for Ethnic Minorities in Vietnam in the Current Context; Le Van Loi; Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics (Vietnam)

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